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N0USR and K7BKEs Links

We have found the following sites/links/vendors anywhere from useful to excellent...

ARRL   Amateur Radio Relay League, is a national membership association for Amateur Radio operators.   Call Sign Lookup & Misc Forums   Equiptment Reviews and Articles
Buddipole   Home of the Buddipole portable antenna system
BUG   The Buddipole Users Group on Yahoo
Elecraft   Makers of all sorts of fun radios and kits
Power Film Solar   Home of the PowerFilmm rollable solar panel
Morningstar   Home of Morningstar solar charger controllers
Stealth Telecom   The Mil-Spec 9310 HF antenna on my Jeep
Ham Radio Outlet   Where we tend to purchase most of our new gear
Noontime Net   Western USA Noontime Net 7.2685Mhz & 3.970Mhz
NW7CC   Northwest Country Cousins Net 3.968Mhz