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KX3 Accessories

Elecraft KX3

 Along with the basic kit (KX3-K) we selected the following options.

We operate both voice and CW so the micprophone (MH3) and the iambic keyer (KXPD3).

Since we intended to use the KX3 mainly as a portable unit and we like to run solar power the internal charger & real-time clock module (KXBC3) made sense

Running portable in a variety of scenarios one never knows what antenna challenges may be presented so elected to added the internal auto tuner (KXAT3).  Now we do have the T1-K external tuner that we built several years ago for our FT-817 which will work with the KX3 but knowing chances are good that we may wnat to operate both radios on some of our trips we decided to get the internal tuner.

Knowing all too well the value of having good filtering in noisy or otherwise poor band conditions we also elected for the dual-passband roofing filter (KXFL3).

Oddly, the power cable (E850524) is not included with the basic kit.  Since we wanted to power on the radio we thought the power cable would be a valuable option...

The 2m option was not available at the time we ordered our kit but would've been added as it would eleminate the need for one of us to carry an HT and should also allow us to monitor the national weather service frequencies which we find very important when were out hiking and cmaping in the back country.  If you've read our FT-817 review you may recall the lack of this basic feature was our one major gripe for the 817.

Assembling the kit including these options turned out to be realitively easy thanks to the assembly manual having handy sections "if you have option x follow these steps to install it now, if not skip to page x."  Ordering the filter with the kit also proved to be a time saver as if you order it with the radio Elecraft will tune the module at the factory.  If you add it later you will need to tune it (tuning instruction provided) after you've installed it.

Later when the KXPA100 amplifier kit became available we decided to acquire it as well.  QRP is fun but it you can't deny that when the bands are in bad shape or there's an emergency it's better to have a high power option availble should you need it rather than not operating at all :-)