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Our Buddipole Kits

Buddipole Sunset

     We started with the "Buddipole™ Deluxe Package" that we picked up at a hamfest in Oregon.

The "Deluxe" package came with the following parts in 2004:

2 Standard Telescopic Whips
Accessory Arms
Basic Coil set
Choke balun 25' coaxial cable
Tripod - extendable legs and locking base
Portable Mast – extends to 9’ 6" in height
Rotating Arm Kit – change configurations
Antenna System Bag – padded cordura nylon w/shoulder strap
3 extra Coil Clips
Antenna operating manual
Modeling report

Since then we've expanded parts so that we have the above in one kit and a second kit which is now our primary.  This one gets us on 80m ;-)

2 - Low Band Coils
Coil Clips
TSRB (Tripe Ratio Switch Balun)
Buddipole Tripod
18' Buddipole Mast
Mast Guying Kit
Long Mast Antenna Bag
4 - 22" Accessory Arms
2 - 11" Accessory Arms
2 - Long Telescope Whips w/Knurled Sleeves
2 - Standard Telescopic Whips
50' RG8X Coax w/BNC on one end and PL-259 on the other (home made)

Other parts that come with us optional based on the work we want to do:

2nd Rotating Arm Kit
2nd TSRB (Now stowed in the original Deluxe kit)
5 Section/32" Rigid Shock Cord Adjustable Whip (For 20m-80m Verticles)
Folding Capacity Hat for the 5 Section RSCAW
Extra Guying Kit
6m Yagi Kit
IT Adapter
Counter Poise Wire Assembly
Counter Poise Wire Adapter

Other items sold by the Buddipole team that we highly recommend:

4S1P A123 Battery Pack - We carry this pack with us for QRP
4S4P A123 Battery Pack - We when we need to run 50-100w Rigs
Cellpro 10XP Charger - Needed to keep your LiPo packs balanced and long lifed

These are pricey but these battery packs are simply incredible in their capacity, light weight, and long gevity. They have allowed us to totally eliminate the bulky lead acid units we used to pack and even take high power rigs into the wilderness!

When you are portable you can charge them with solar panels and a charge controller but when you are home, to keep from damaging them and shortening their lives they should be balanced with the Cellpro charger.