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Buddipole Sunset

 Experimanting with antennas is has always been one of my favorite aspects of the hobby.  Later when I got into QRP and portable operation I discovered Buddipole at a hamfest. Buddipole combines my love of antenna experimentation with my love of portable operation.

In a nutshell a Buddipole is a light weight, portable kit of interchangable parts that can be combined in different ways depending on the operators needs.

We've used our Buddipoles anywhere from just for the fun of it experimenting,  camping, portable/vacations, backup for a failed home station antenna, and EOC for remote wilderness events.

The best resource we've found, esspecially when getting started with our Buddipoles has been the book "Buddipole in the Field" by B. Scott Andersen NE1RD.  It's available as a printed book or as a PDF.  It starts with the basics for those new to antenna theory and design, discusses the conventions and basics of the Buddipole parts, and also allows the more experienced person skip right into setting up the many examples the book provides.

The buddipole website is of course the best place to source the parts and kits for your Buddipole adventures, they also provide some useful documentation.

Also userful is the Buddipole Users Group (BUG) on Yahoo Groups.  This is a discussion list that provides many ideas and examples but also the chance to bouce your ideas and questions off other Buddipole users.  It's also a great place to share your own Buddipole experiences.

We use some of the example configurations from the above resources but also do quite a bit of experimenting and come up some of our own designs.  You can find them in the left pane of this site.