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Yaesu SP-10 Modifications

Yaesu SP-10 Speaker

I've received quite a few inquiries concerning the modifications we did to our SP-10 since posting my review on  In hopes of helping others improve their SP-10 we decided to show what we did here.


Factory SP10 Spkr


As you can see the SP-10 comes from Yaesu with a paper speaker of low quality.  The speaker measures 2.5" across.   Knowing this I  searched Amazon and found several suitable 8 Ohm options but settled on a Peerless 830984, 2.5", 8 Ohm, Full Range speaker.  Frequency Response 100 to 10KHz.


To start the install of the new speaker you will need to remove the paper speaker.  First, desolder the wires from the speaker.  Note that the wire with the white line is connected to the positive terminal.  Next, you will find that the speaker is sandwiched between the front grill and an internal metal frame.  Removing the two screws on the bottom of the speaker chassis and the four shown in the above picture will allow you to remove the paper speaker.  WIth the paper speaker removed seat the metal frame back on the front grill as shown below


Grill & Frame Together


When the Peerless arrived we discovered it's frame was slightly too tall for the space in the SP-10.  This being the case I used our belt sander to remove about 1/16" of an inch from the top and bottom edges of the Peerless's frame.  With the top and bottom edges shaved the Peerless now fits in the front frame as shown below.


Peerless in frame


With the Peerless sitting in the frame you will notice the factory holes in the Peerles do not exactly match the screw holes in Yaesu's frame.  To solve this center the Peerless as best you can so the foam surrond doesn't touch the metal frame then using a bright colored marking device mark each hole on the Peerless where material will need to be removed so that you can use the Yaesu screw holes in the front grill.  You can see in the picture above the holes in the Peerless have been adjusted to match the Yaesu frame.  You could use a rat tail file, a Dremel, or perhaps the shaft of a drill bit to enlarge the holes.


With the holes modified you can now use the screws from Yaesu that you removed earlier to mount the Peerless to the front frame of the SP-10 chassis.  Next you will want to connect the wires to your new speaker.  The terminals are not marked with a plus or minus on the Peerless however the terminals themselves are different sizes.  Per industry standards the smaller of the terminals is negitive and the larger is positive.  Remember that the wire with the white line is your positive wire.


Peerless terminals connected


Your're now ready to reassemble the speaker and chassis.  Some find that lightly filling a speakers air chamber with poly fiber such as found in pillows and stuffed animals improves tonal quality/resonance.  This would be a good time to add some if you prefer.


We hope you will be as pleased as we were with our SP-10 after this modification!