Trish & Tammy's


Yaesu SP-10 Modifications
Adding a DSP

bhi NED1062-KBD DSP Kit

Step one, select a mounting location.  We used the screw hole in the heat sink and attached it to the chassis of the SP10 to improve the DSP/amplifiers heat disapation.


DSP location


Next we drilled a small hole, 1/8" in the bottom of the chassis for the DSP's pizo speaker.  We attached the speaker using double sided tape with a hole in the middle to pass the sound.  Following that we removed the sound dampening foam on the back panel of the SP10 and used a step drill to make a hole in the back panel for the DSP's power connector.  Once the power connector is mounted notch out the foam and reinstall.


DSP speaker & power


Next...  Remove the SP-10's wire from the speaker and the the audio connector o nthe rear panel.


Now you're free to connect the DSP's red/black wires to the SP-10's audio input on the back panel and the DSP's blue/black wires to the SP-10's speaker on the front panel. 


Please note the speaker shown in these pictures is note the Yaesu factory speaker but rather a Peerless 2.5" Full-Range speaker.  To see how it was installed click here.


DSP Connections Made


The next part was the most challenging step, drilling holes for and mounting the DSP's controls on the top chassis of the SP-10.  Maybe figity is a better way to describe it.


Once we'd selected the location, about 1.5" back from the front edge we used the stick for the buttons as the template and marked the required locations for the holes needed by the buttons, LED, and mounting screw.  We again used our step drill to make the holes.


At this point you could mount the control panel however we felt the buttons protruded too much thru the top chassis.  To solve this problem we made spacer out of a piece of wood and placed it between the circuit board and the chassis with the mounting screw passing thru the spacer (piece of wood).  We would rathert have used a plastic spacer but did not have any around that would work.


Mounting the Control Board


You can see the wood spacer in the above photo.  Before you install the label for the control panel on the top of the chassis clean the area with rubbing alcohol to make sure it sticks.  If the head of the screw makes the sticker push up too much you could make the hole slightly bigger so the head reasts a little deeper but be careful not to make it too big!


Everything Connected and Installed

Above you can see everything in its place.  After double checking there are no metal fragments laying around it's time to reassemble the SP-10.


Completed Project


We hope you will be as pleased as we were with our SP-10 after this modification!