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Yaesu FT-991A Accessories

Yaesu FT-991

Microphone:  Yaesu MD-100A8X

The stock microphone that comes with the FT-991A is the same as the one that comes with the FT-817ND which never really thrilled either of us.  We had replaced the microphone element in that mic with a Heil element which made a significant difference.  For the FT-991A we didn't really want a hand mic.  We briefly looked at Heil and at the Yaesu MD-200A8X however the size of these units made them impractical for portable use.  The cost was also a bit too steep for a radio that may spend a lot of its time in a Pelican Case.  The MD-200A8X's less expensive cousin the MD-100A8X looked rather cheap and flimsy via the images online however the end user reviews paint a very different picture with many people rating it 5/5 with tales of excellent audio quality reports.


Our MD-100A8X arrived with our FT-991A, we never gave the included hand mic a chance so we can't give a report on its performance.  Before making our first QSO's with the new rig we ran thru the easy to follow instructions on the radio's manual for setting the mic gain, compression, and mic equalizer.  It pays to note that while we tried tuning the mic equalizer in the end we found we liked the default settings for the EQ best and left them as such.  The settings on the mic itself can be useful as well.  In particular the "High Emphasis" switch can really help bring out a softer voice and give it a little more "punch".  Our on the air reports of the rig/mic combination are quite good with many reporting that our audio is very clear and of good quality.  To contrast this with the Heil PR10 on our IC-7600 the Heil and the Icom frequently get unsolicited reports of incredible or even stunningly good sound quality.  We had hoped for as much with the FT-991A and MD-100A8X but didn't expect it from the mic since its less than half  the cost of the Heil.


Speaker:  Yaesu SP-10

The internal sound from th FT-991A is about what you would expect from a small, flat, paper speaker.  It's adequet but lacking for those who enjoy high fidelity.  I can't fault Yaesu on this, the FT-991A is so tightly packed inside they could not have included a better speaker if they wanted to.


At the time we purchased our FT-991A the matching speaker for the radio was not yet available though it would not have mattered as we were not ready to spend  any more money after buying the radio and microphone.  A couple months later however we discovered the SP-10 in an add while reading QST.  Not having a spare external speaker around and loving the FT-991A so much it seemed like a sure thing so we jumped on it even though there had been no reviews written for it.  My thoughts were that in the worst case at least it will be a good match visually for the FT-991 (and it is BTW).


I was pretty excited for the SP-10 to arrive and managed to get lucky as HRO had one sneak in on back order.  The excitement ended when I connected it to the radio however.  We found that it in no way improves the sound from the FT-991A's internal speaker, except perhaps that being front facing it directs the sound at the operator rather than out the top of the radio.  We were very disappointed, so much so it encouraged me to write my first review on


Not one to be affraid of openning brand new things I took the lid off the SP-10 and discovered that it contains the very same paper speaker that is inside the FT-991A.  So lame Yaesu!  You went to the trouble of make a nice matching enclosure for the radio but couldn't take the extra step and put speaker in it that would improve the sound of the radio?  Most people don't buy a speaker because they want a box that looks good, they're buying because they want better sound!


That being said my review on has gotten so much feedback on what I did to make it sound better I decided to put together a web page describing what I did and how.  You can find the mod by clicking this link.



We decided to add a noise cancelling DSP to our SP-10, not so much that the radio or the above modified speaker needed it but more out of being very impressed with the bhi DSP we installed in FT-817ND years ago.  Experience has proven to us there are times when a DSP on the audio out of a radio can help alot over a radio's built-in DSP noise reduction functions (if it has any).  Having good experience with bhi we went back to them and found their NEDSP1062-KBD.  The addition of the 1062  to our SP-10 not only gives us more noise filtering options and audio amplification over the FT-991A but also makes the speaker more versitle when connected to other radios.  One of the nice features of the 1062 is that if no external DC power source is connected it's internal relay bypasses the unit so the speaker is usable without drawing additional power.  We took a few pictures of the installation process.  Please click here to view.


Pelican Series 1500 Case
We happened to have  a 1500 series case  unused from a former rig laying around.  We were very happy to find that the FT-991 fits in it perfectly with room for cables and hand mic.  We picked a second 1500 to pack our SP-10, MD-100A8X, Battery, and solar charge controller.  These cases are tough, padded, and water proof.