Trish's FT-817 QRP Page


Welcome to our Radio Trips

Usually when were hiking we want to go light, that's why we like our 817 and Buddipoles.  It's also why we don't have many pictures as the camera's are weight we'd rather not carry.  This is why most of our pictures are from tent and camper camping.

Seaside Oregon NVIS

Seaside, OR - Breaking in our then brand new Buddipole that we picked up at the hamfest earlier in the day.  The Buddipole is very NVIS and setup for 40m using the deluxe kit of parts.  Our faithful FT-817 is hidding in the grass next to me. June 2006 (Above)

Wintrop Buddipole

Winthrop, WA - A nice summer evening north of Wintrop with our Buddipole setup for 80m.  We were setup for radio and photography of the night sky on this trip. June 2013 (Above)

Delta Camp

Delta, Utah - Our camp in Delta where we staged for fossil hunting day trips.  We've made some special modifications to the camper to allow four external connections for antennas and two external power connections for things like solar panels without needing to have open an open door or window.  There is a wallplate on the inside for the antennas and power connections. The Buddipole is setup for 40m so we could check in with our friends on the Noontime Net.  We also helped someone who was activating a summit for SOTA. (May 2016)

Radio Setup Tower Rock, Wa

Tower Rock, WA - After our yearly visit at the Northwest Country Cousins gathering we moved on to a rather pretty campsite in the shadow of Tower Rock (which is behind the photogragher).  We worked 40 & 80m voice with the stacked Buddipole in the foreground and 20m PSK31 QRP with the Buddipole 5 section rigid shock cord whip verticle just visible on the right. Also visible are our portable solar panels taking a break from the hot sun...  (August 2016)