Trish's FT-817 QRP Page


FT-817/ND Cheat Sheets

    Not having a perfect memory, especially under pressure I created some cheat sheets that I could stick/laminate to my radio.  I tried to keep the text as large as possible yet still fit in the space allowed but nonetheless they may be slightly hard to read for tired eyes :-)  I recommend printing them on a color inkjet printer on photographic quality paper and using clear shipping tape to attach them to your radio and protect them from moisture.

On the top side of my radio I have two reminder sheets:

The first runs the length of the radio and lists the U.S. General Class operating permissions for the bands the 817 can transmit on.  The sheet itself is slightly narrower than standard shipping tape so it can be attached to the radio and is protected at the same time.  General Class Cheat Sheet

The second lists the common QRP Calling Frequencies and fits just above the speaker.  This sheet is also slightly narrower than standard shipping tape. 

The final sheet lists the various functions of the "A, B, & C" buttons and the different reset levels and is designed to fit on the battery cover leaving room for the W4RT quick charge battery connector.  Functions & Menu Cheat Sheet  This sheet will need two strips of shipping tape to cover and attach to the battery cover.