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Welcome to Our Ham Radio Page

My radio story, the abbreviated version...

I got started in Radio when I was in high school and found myself studying electronics and becoming fascinated with radio. In the late 1980's I discovered DX using SSB on my CB and was hooked from there on, studying and experimenting trying to improve the antenna systems I had for my CB.

In 1996, some years after getting my degree in electronics I discovered amateur radio and got my license in Minnesota, thus my call sign, N0USR which I've held onto as I've moved around the country.
My first ticket was a Technician Plus class license. I had fun with 10 meters for a while, spent a lot of time listening to other HF bands, learning more about RF propagation, and building antennas. At the same time my career as computer network administrator started taking off. As I discovered the hard way it consumed me for many years during which I had less and less time for radio (or much else).
Many years later, I found my partner, moved to north Idaho, and started to settle down. Having our own house and room to put up antennas as well as more time, I dug my radios out of the attic and started dabbling again. Shortly after, on my 33rd birthday, I opened one of my presents to find an ICOM 706 mobile HF rig staring back at me. I think it was all of a few hours before I committed myself to getting my general class license. Three weeks later we flew out to Hartford, Connecticut on a business trip. In the evening of the very same day I took a tour of the ARRL headquarters in Newington I successfully upgraded my license.

For so many years I had listened to hams talking across the HF bands and I could finally, truly join them. It was kind of funny really, for 2 or 3 days after upgrading to my general class license I was so nervous I couldn't bring myself to grab the mic and call CQ. After we returned home I finally worked up enough courage and had my first QSO on 20 meters.
These days I still enjoy experimenting with different antennas and installations for portable, mobile, and base stations, experimenting with various emergency power systems, and also enjoy QRP.  From time to time you might also find me dabbling in some of the digital modes.
My partner Tammy, K7BKE and I have been involved in several ARES/RACES organizations, Sky Warn, as well as the Coast Guard Auxiliary. We've both had a lot of interest in these groups and really enjoy getting involved. Through them we've met a lot of great people and gotten a chance to work communications for events like the Ironman Triathalon in Coeur d'Alene.

In April of 2007 after studying for about a month I upgraded to the Amateur Extra Class in Selah, WA. Studying for the exam was kind of fun as it drew heavily on the electronics courses I took in high school and college.  The trip was extra fun as Tammy got her general class license at the same time.

When I'm on you can usually find me monitoring The Noon Time Net on 7.2685Mhz LSB in the morning thru mid afternoon (PST).  Towards evening I'll usually be on 3.968Mhz LSB with the Northwest Country Cousins net where I am member number 1523 (Tammy is 1527).  Later in the evening you can sometimes find me on the Western Country Cousins net where I am member number 2330.  When I'm mobile I usually run on 146.52Mhz FM simplex.

Looking forward to many QSO's to come;

73's de N0USR (Trish)

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